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English Learning Episode # 1 In Punjabi And Urdu

this is simple setup learning English  ideas 
O Level 
better understanding twos of week watch this videos only  Punjabi peoples 

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finely thanks for watching this videos   

Channu Bio Mass Plant Fire News Videos

  this is fire News accident Power Plant in Channu
          This Video is channu near lambi

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Online Work on smartphone earn money easy system

Do you like online earn money
Various way earn money available on internet

Watch this then make ideas
But  i going to describe paisalive site

Please watching this video you can understand how to earn money on internet


How to make smartphone mic at home save money and earn money

if you want to make mic at home 
So you have a audio cable and audio jack 
Watch this video to learn how to make  

do you work no video making mic is very important for this 

Best Business low investment ideas work at home Learn money

           dear friends now a days unemployed biggest problem on the world 
           main reason is some people do not have work skill, if you  have any 
           work skill quality you do work now
           This  is the modern era  every Business field using a computer leaser

  If you want to repair the printer, you can earn a lot of money   
  Now We will learn how to re-filler leaser printer cartridge then How to earn money and save money 
      Right Now  watching this videos Learn the work of Cartridge work↓

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How to make tripod and save your money

if do you make tripod at home watching this videos 
cheap price tripod and better performance  making tripod ideas  watch this videos↓↓↓↓ 

Save your money use this ideas

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